Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wasting other people's time

One thing I have to work on is to stop worrying about things that are out of my control.

So far raiding with a new guild has gone well. Considering the guild I left decided to keep raiding places like Naxxramas and Malygos, this new guild is quite more to my liking.

But this guild has the same type of players my old guild did. Players who don't necessarily spec the best for raiding, use old flasks at half the potency of new flasks and sign up but then don't show up. I have to assume all "casual" guilds have these players and I need to quit letting it bug me because it comes with the territory.

Yet I can't help but wonder do these player realize they are wasting others' time? When dps is low on an Ulduar boss and someone is using a flask made for BWL boss? When someone keeps dying early and you find out they should be raiding Naxxramas instead of Ulduar.

But these are the types of players we have to put up with, because usually players like myself would move on to more serious raiding. But I don't want to raid every night so I need to learn to get used to it or stay annoyed by it.


Saravid said...

I'm in a unique I guess situation in that I raid 25 man's regularly but not with a guild... and yet not exactly in a pug either. One of my good friends who has been raiding for a long time and for a few of those years hardcore invited me into a group that does 25 man raiding.

The players are spread out among different guilds and many are even guildless yet for the most part its the same group every week. The organizers set up invites via the in game calender and you either accept or don't. The fascinating part is there is very little drama and for the most part non serious raiders get weeded out. I use that term as in people who show up with crapy or no food and flask/elixir buffs and a poor spec.

If we pick up a new player that doesn't work out they simply don't get invited the following week. We may not have the progression of a hardcore guild by any means but we do ok just raiding 2 nights a week. Last week we cleared the outside bosses and had our first shot at iron council.

I've really enjoyed raiding with them as the environement is layed back yet everyone is dialed in and skilled players. Most simply got burned out of both hardcore and casual guilds... go figure.

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