Friday, May 8, 2009

Golden Age

As a nice segue from my "Eras, chapters and phases" post, Part Time druid made a post about The Golden Age of WoW Blogging Ending.

I mentioned before about losing BRK and Resto4Life, and there have been others. To note, neither have quit blogging, they just quit blogging about WoW.

Part Time Druid chalks this up to some soul-searching, realizing maybe playing WoW and blogging about it too is extreme. He also mentioned that WoW simply isn't much to blog about any more. Why discuss how to go about getting the best gear, spec this way or that when it is all so easy now?

I've never had the following any of these bloggers have. I know some of you out there are reading and I appreciate it. I never blogged to educate or illuminate. As I uncomfortably realized I blog to vent mostly. Who would want to read that all the time? So when I get suggestions or agreement from some of you, it is satisfying.

But if a single person didn't read my blog, I'd keep doing it until I quit playing WoW. There is always something to wonder about, to irritate me, to observe. And I'll blog because of it.


Ardent Defender said...

Does feel like a Era is passing in WoW with blogging. Since I blog as well I've been around long enough to feel the suttle changes.

But I'll keep reading as you keep blogging. It's always good to read another point of view of something that I may be thinking about though sometimes unconsiously.

Ardent Defender

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Perhaps the bloggers who treat their blogs more like a job are the ones disappearing.

I know blogs like BRK and Resto4Life added videos and pictures and held contests...

I think if I spent too much time trying to do all that instead of just jumping on and logging my thoughts for the day I'd probably get tired of it too.

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