Friday, May 15, 2009

Feel our pain

Today's post comes a little out of left field considering I mostly discuss raiding. But as I often do, I let what I've read on another blog prompt me to write here.

I was checking out WoW Insider and they had a post about The Pink Pigtail Inn who had a post about Critical QQ. I love how that happens. :)

Anyway, Critical QQ made a comment about how during Children's Week horde starting loses Alterac Valley, a bg they usually win.

Here's the quote that got me writing "It’s frustrating for those of us who actually want to be there, too. We have the gear. We have the spec. We have the skills.

And it’s goddamn frustrating when you lose, over and over again, because your teammates don’t give a crap.

The worst part is that they know they don’t give a crap."

A long time ago in a world...of warcraft far away, everyone who cared about pvp rolled horde. They had the best pvp racials. Those who cared less about PvP and more about the arguably better look of their characters played alliance. The weird thing about this division is the better players all went to one side. What if basketball let one team draft all the best players, every time? How do you think that would work out?

And that's what PvP was like for Alliance for a long time. I remember having discussion with Horde players who would say "You guys just need to L2P". But when you a few know how to play but the rest don't care, you end up with exactly what Critical QQ described.

Four years is a long time to wait to say I told you so. It was already happening when Blood Elves appeared on the scene and exacerbated with level 55 Blood elves could be created. Children's Week finally spotlighted the issue.

Feel our pain Horde.


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