Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Imagine this Part 2

Yesterday I tried to describe the type of instance in WoW that would compare to AE farm missions in City of Heroes.

AE (Architect Entertainment) farm missions are basically player-made instances set up to be easily cleared out for lots of xp and influence (money in the CoH world).

As someone commented this would be boring. And it tends to get boring! However the payout is so good I find it hard to skip a farming group if I can get on one.

I admit to being part of the problem. It is harder to find groups (or "teams" in CoH) to do anything else when you can go into a farming mission on auto-pilot and get the same reward only quicker.

When I get bored, I go do a different mission by myself. But then I want a new level, thus access to new superpowers, and farming missions is the fastest way to get it.

But the specific type of farming mission I was trying to describe in WoW terms, is actually considered an exploit by many. And I see their point. What you have to kill for xp doesn't fight back. It doesn't do anything but let you wale on it until you kill it. You don't have to worry about having a healer or tank, the main complaint is usually there isn't enough damage to finish the missions faster!

It does make me think when they remove the "exploit" will I be satisfied with doing things the slower way again?

It would probably take another post to reach this conclusion, but I wonder if that's why people are complaining about stuff in WoW being too easy. If things get so easy to a point you start wondering about why you're doing it at all.


whats my main again? said...

Well the other side of WoW getting easier... is thats what the experienced players want. They want the path of least resistance as showed with CoH. While Blizzard isn't making world mobs unable to attack they are increasing the ease of leveling... but they are doing it because people complain that leveling alts is boring. So they remove any difficulty while leveling so that they can get to 80 and hopefully be challenged there.

Ultimately the ones who are complaining there is no challenge... are often the ones complaining about leveling alts... thereby they are removing the challenge from their own game.

If WoW became like those farm missions in CoH then it would be like playing Prototype and only fighting normal citizens... its fun for a little bit but you eventually get bored and find something better to do.

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