Monday, July 27, 2009


For the first time that I can remember in City of Heroes (CoX) I participated in a fight that required some semblance of strategy. I've played CoX off and on since it was released.

Many players I started with quit early on because there really isn't much to the game when it boils down to it. But for some what it does provide is enough. I like creating characters and getting new powers and testing them out. Once I have all the powers I get bored of the missions (same ol' maps with same ol' mobs), players that quit sooner got bored easier, those who have played non-stop for 5 years haven't. Everyone has different tastes of what they find fun.

Anyway, to put in perspective with how "easy" missions are compared to WoW instances...

I finally did a new Task Force (a string of missions that lead to above average reward if you complete the whole thing) over the weekend. The fights were like they normally are in CoX. Tank tanks, dps dpses, healers heal. No brainer. But finally there was a fight where you had (at least we had to) have a mob off-tanked while we took care of the main mob. And in the same fight we had to peel off adds. What a shock!

Its funny because something like this wouldn't be considered much of a fight in WoW, but our group had trouble at first figuring this out. And this is the very first time I've experienced this in CoX. And I've played to max level at least once.

I could just feel the difference going from the Task Force back to WoW and going into Ulduar. Speaking of Ulduar and strategy, I headed back in and our guild is still stuck on the same stuff, actually its taken a step back with us being unable to kill the things we have before.

Since we haven't progressed my gear is holding up well. Why would I need upgrades for what is now old content? There was nothing about the raid itself that makes me want to keep raiding.

I feel our guild has reached its peak. It's not the core of the guild's fault. It is summer time and people take off for a variety of reasons (boredom being mine). But having to pull in new players and having to wipe again on the same stuff is demoralizing. I think the only way it will progress now is for the bosses left to be nerfed more. I don't think it will be nerfed until the new content comes out, and then of course I imagine we'll leave Ulduar behind. I admit I'd rather quit raiding now until Icecrown is released.

Raiding is losing its allure. I can play for hours but being committed to playing for hours is becoming anathema to me. If playing a game that requires little strategy is what I have to resort to, so be it.


EVE Characters said...

I have played CoX quite many times since its release and liked it a lot. It can really keep you hooked for quite some time

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