Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Short visit

I didn't keep count, but I think I logged about 6-7 hours in the past 2 weeks. And the majority of that was raiding. It still sounds like a lot for someone who is "quitting".

I logged on just in time to get Flame Warden. That leaves me with one seasonal event - Brewfest - to complete for "It's been a long, strange trip."

I don't *need* the mount, since I already have a 310% one. I want to get the "achievement" because I think it sums up my period of playing WoW. I've mentioned before I wish there was a way to complete a never-ending game. And I think this may be it. It will be a long, strange trip I'll be able to say I've finished.

The way I've felt lately I may not make it to Brewfest, will I be so over WoW by this fall I won't even log back on? Or will something new pull me back in and have me playing as much as I ever did? Time will tell...

I also raided recently. Even with all the nerfs our guild has ran into a wall. I read Blizzard is going to add the option to lengthen raid periods. This would work wonders for our raid if we are willing to give up a week of easy epics.

I'm all for it. I noticed at our last raid, several key members weren't even there, we had 3-4 who had never done some of the fights on 25 and some of the normal raiders were on their alts. In other words we're done with all we can accomplish in our current incarnation.

My favorite times raiding have always been when we're making progress. Even if it wasn't killing the boss, but just making improvements on how far we've gotten in the phases. My least favorite times are farming, and especially farming simply because its the best the raid can do. We don't have the people we need - let's go kill Razorscale - again. No thanks.

I don't have an alt to take, and even if I did, I don't enjoy raiding that much anymore to make an excuse to keep going back. If we don't take the extended raid to start making progress on some of the rest of the bosses in Ulduar it will be my next nail.


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