Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mission architect a quick look back

I had what I think is a funny idea for a mission in CoX (City of Heroes/Villians). But I haven't even bothered trying to create it because I realize the odds of anyone playing it will be low.

I still may put time in to doing it, just cuz. But the number of missions players are running from AE is very low compared to the number that exist. This is my guess just based on my own experience.

The most run missions are the ones that came out right when the Architect edition did that were pegged to be "good" missions by the developers. They are the first ones to show up in the search. So those are the ones people play. Even more popular are the "farming" missions. Those are missions where you get a bunch of mobs that are very easy to wipe out with a group and you fight these mobs over and over again. The missions have no story other than "Hi. Go kill stuff".

So my reason for purchasing CoX to make missions has been fulfilled. Little did I know that I'd would care that players would actually play them. But I realize I do care and the fact that I might get 1 or 2 people max to play through them doesn't entice me to bother.


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