Monday, April 30, 2007

My last priest whine post

I promise! This time 2 for 1.


Someone on the official WoW forums suggested free or cheaper respecs. Not only did a Blue say the answer was no (which I guess ends this before it started), many other players agreed it was a bad idea. The latter is what I just don't get.

Supporters said the following:
  • Free/cheaper respecs allows scarce players like tanks and healers the option to swap to dps specs and enjoy other areas of the game besides instance grouping

The opposition included the following comments
  • It is easy to earn gold in BC you don't need to respec
  • Making a decision to spec a certain way should be a heavy one, and one not taken lightly by offering free respecs
  • You get raid spots so you should have it hard when you solo and pvp
What is odd is it is easy to earn gold WHEN YOU ARE ABLE TO FARM WITH YOUR DPS SPEC.

Making a decision that few players do to tank and heal and only be able to do that isn't taken lightly. Yet if you split grouping, pvp and farming into 3. Tanks and healers really only enjoy or do well 1/3 of the game. If anyone is taking anything lightly its the players who take a easy spec that can joy all of the game and not just part of it.

And lastly when I last checked every raid includes healer, tanks and dps. People complain about getting raid spots, but besides the main tank, everyone has a shot at raiding if they are reliable, self-sufficient with consumables and good at what they do.

My problem is how little dps knows how it is to be a tank-healing class in a dps world. I'm tired of them not caring.

#2) I heard they are nerfing the shadoweave set.

Supposedly it was making shadow priests overpowered in raids.

After playing a healer for so long, I was looking forward to being uber. But it was taking me a long time to craft the set. Turns out the set will more than likely be nerfed before I ever get to make it and use it.

Life in Azeroth and the Outlands as a priest is all its cut out to be.

This just in! They decided to not nerf the set after all. The joke being passed around is, since priests and warlocks share the same set, that Blizzard didn't want to nerf their precious warlocks!


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