Friday, April 27, 2007

A old new world

I have become one of the denizens of Middle-Earth. I'll share a few things.

I spent some time, as I usually do, at the character creation screen playing around with the looks of my human, elf and hobbit. I lean toward female characters, so I made one of each (there are no female dwarves.) However choice-wise, the men seem to have the most...well character. I guess its the facial hair!

I kept thinking my human male looked like Lance Armstrong, which while not a bad thing - I knew I wouldn't be able to find bikes in Middle-Earth - so I gave him some red full hair.

My first female hobbit looked too much like a precocious child, and while extremely cute - once again not a bad thing - also not something I wanted to portray.

I ended up playing my human female first. I played a small bit of beta, so what I've done so far was familiar.

Once I reached archet (I assume the starter area for man and hobbit) what are the first names I see?

Ferealz and Nickxx


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