Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Something new?

I found myself searching for a new game last night. I did a few quests in WoW, but I felt like I was just doing them out of habit.

There was some talk about LOTRO in guild chat, a few are trying it out. I tried to log in and found that its closed to only those who pre-ordered. I think it opens back up to everyone else on the 6th.

Giving LOTRO a go is appealing at the moment. Instead of gathering 2,000 basilisk eyes, sinking 15 hours of raiding or spending 3 weeks of farming - I like the idea of starting something new, where getting an upgrade is only 5 wolf paws away or a quick visit to the farmer down the road.


Anonymous said...

Make an alt, twink her, then do low lvl PvP. That's what I've been doing almost since TBC came out, and I think I'm addicted to it. It's more fun than max lvl PvP, because you're no longer playing to get better gear, you're just playing for fun. And it's really nice having a gear "ceiling," which basically makes it so you're never forced to face someone with Tier 100 epics and crap that you don't have the time to get. Also, there's a huge community of twinks out there with a similar attitude, and they can be pretty fun to play with.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I rolled an alt to twink but found I had more fun working on the gear than actually pvping as a twink.

I made my own deviate scale belt for example.

I actually thought the twink community would die out a bit when BC was released, good to hear it is still going strong.

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