Monday, April 23, 2007

Small update

Well its been a few weeks since I quit raiding regularly. I have gone on a few raids on the weekends, but I'm almost to the point I don't want to do that either. Guess that's a good thing, if I'm wanting to cut back my time in WoW. Especially if raiding had become something done out of habit and not out of actual enjoyment. Yet its hard to say goodbye to something you've been involved with on almost a daily basis for so long.

Maybe that's why I want something to fill its space, why I'm playing EQ2, so I won't have that void.

But I've already cancelled my EQ2 subscription (again, this time I've got about a month left to play). As I've probably mentioned before I can't pinpoint what's wrong with EQ2. Well I shouldn't say wrong, just...something isn't right about it for me. And that's disappointing because players in the chat channels are very helpful. There is actual roleplaying occuring and I haven't seen much rudeness. Some players have gone out of their way to help and that's something you won't find often in WoW, not from strangers.

EQ2 is a game I want to like, unfortunately I don't. I wish I could figure out why.


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