Friday, April 13, 2007

Nerf - PTR 2.1

PTR 2.1 is out. And as you can imagine when there are any changes to a class good (the class is happy, other classes are mad) or bad (the class is unhappy, the other classes don't care) someone is upset.

Well its not that maybe they don't care, they are probably focused on their own class and little world...of warcraft.

Take me for example, I hardly ever know what is going on with rogues. But I knew there was a problem, because (unlike many rogues say) I try to heal them.

I hardly know what is going on with druids. But for a while after release I knew my friend who played a druid was very happy.

And I never knew exactly what changed from 60 to 70 for paladins to make them the new uber healers. But I knew that they were. And they seemed to do it without the mana conservation restraints that priests are placed under.

On the WoW forums, people would tell priests they needed to L2P (as usual). As if suddenly all the priests who had been healing for the past 2 years suddenly forgot how to. And all paladins had become more skilled at what they do.

Luckily for some priests, like my goodbye-holy-hello-dark-side self, shadow priests worked extremely well with paladins. We became "mana batteries".

On one end, shadow priests were now not only viable but actually sought after. On the other end, there were murmurings of holy priests being pushed aside for paladins. I thought that was unfair, but heck I didn't want to heal anymore anyway. (I still did, but that's for another post.)

DPSing priests, Healing paladins and just after BC release, tanking druids. Word was they were all overwhelmingly good.

But anything that seems to be overwhelmingly good is always prime for a nerf.

Sad thing is, it seems like our time in the sun was cut short.


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