Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Full on Night Elf!!!

Does anything scream night elf as much as a druid does?

Apparently not as much as I thought, as I looked up the classes from WoW's ancestor, Warcraft. From what I can tell by quickly browsing, those classes would actually be:
  • Demon Hunters
  • Keepers (half night elf, half stag)
  • Priestesses (at least I got that one right! except those Priestesses were more like hunters?)
  • Wardens (think Maiev)

Anyway, I'm playing a druid now and have added a list of links to druid blogs of interest. Focusing on feral. I feel like I've healed enough for one night elf life time (yeah it feels that long), I refuse to go restoration on this character.


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