Sunday, March 9, 2008

Will they find a balance?

If I sound like I've been doing a little bit of "hardcore" bashing, I apologize.

I guess now that I don't raid, I'm on the other side of things. Some of the things I used to do are starting to seem more and more.....insane. But I still remember the feeling you get when a boss dies that you've been working on for weeks if not months. And while I was never truly hardcore or have any idea what it would be like to be in a top raiding guild, I empathize.

I read where a top 10 raiding guild decided WoW is becoming (has become) too casual. It was in reference to badges (and arenas too I guess) allowing everyone, so inclined, access to tier equivalent loot without stepping foot into tier instances.

But another thing that was surprising is they are saying the Sunwell instance (the part they attempted) didn't give them the challenge they desire. In fact even Illidan didn't seem to impress them.

Pair this up with the person in the pug I was with this evening telling me they never expected their guild to see Karazhan but this past week they entered together for the first time. (I didn't have a chance to ask how long they've been a guild.)

That's a huge gap in participation. Badges for the new Karazhan guild will be like gold doubloons. Badges for the Illidan guild will be like skittles. How would you find a balance for that?


Unknown said...

Many who criticize Blizzard from giving "free" epics conveniently forget that someone who doesn't do bleeding-edge content will have a harder time collecting those 150 badges.

Whether it's harder than catching up on PvE content is left up to debate. Personally, I think that Karazhan and Zul'Aman will still be the fastest ways of getting badges. Blizzard's going to have to give badges by the bucketload if Hyjal's going to beat Karazhan's 11 badges/hour pace.

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