Thursday, March 20, 2008

Principle of Progression

I was browsing World of Matticus and he mentioned a phrase "principle of progression".

What I think he means is you should do Step A before moving on to Step B or trying to skip A and B and go directly to C.

I mentioned briefly in a another post about how removal of attunements allows you to skip what actually isn't a bad idea - gearing up your character and gaining some experience.

When 23 of your people are ready to move to the next step, but your 24th and 25th person are blocked due to attunement its a bad idea. But when 3 to 4 of your people out of a 10 man team either aren't willing to wait or haven't bothered to spend time getting gear by other means (pvp, badges, heroics, or simply normal level 70 instances) an attunement process is preferable. Especially if you can't get them to understand why minimum raid requirements exist.

I call it the "run me through deadmines" syndrome. Someone on an alt in quest greens thinks its okay to have another group run them through a place like Karazhan. If the group agrees? Sure no problem, but I can bet you epic mount gold the people who have actually spent the time to gear themselves up aren't so eager to spend more time in the same exact place to get an alt some easy gear. Guilds sell spots for this exact purpose!!!! Because they want a return on the investment of their time.


Ardent Defender said...


I spent a solid month plus running 5 mans when I got to 70 by means of being guildless as a Tank. I geared up in solid blues for tanking doing 5 man pugs in lvl 70 instances. Got fully uncrushable and uncrittable in lvl 70 blues because I had personal self worth to get my own gear. I did that all guildless. Then I ran Heroics, got some badge gear to replace my blue 5 man gear also being guildless. I was hearing for Kara as a Tank.

Now I'm in a guild. I agree with you because one thing I'm not fond of is pulling people in green gear along who take no drive to work doing quests at 70 to improve or get better gear yet expect to be dragged through Kara on other peoples effort. He'll no.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

And this is where players like yourself end up leaving to join another guild with more like-minded individuals instead of waiting for your current guild to shape up.

Constantly spending time gearing alts is like pedaling in place.

It is hard to progress if you spend time taking steps back with no real payoff from doing so.

Now if you are in a casual guild this is not an issue nor should it be one. But if you want to be part of a successful raid guild it is unacceptable.

I've noticed players who had to take a break for whatever reason, begging (and even paying) other guilds to key them because their current guild refuses to spend time on old content. Is it wrong? Well considering those guilds are the ones that actually finish content when others can't knock on the door? Obviously not.

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