Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Raiding requirements

One of the slightly negative things about the removal of keying and attunement is that players can now join a group for something without the gear that you normally acquire by jumping through the keying and attunement hoops.

And while you can get decent gear through other means than raiding, doesn't mean everyone does so. In the end raiding (with a group that knows the instance) is still the easiest way to get geared up.

I do wish people would be considerate when joining something unreasonably undergeared - like no one will notice. It makes things harder on everyone else.


Unknown said...

I don't see this as a problem. You can PuG instances, but you don't generally PuG raids. The raid leader will know pretty well what you have, and if it's below the required level, you simply don't get an invite to the raid. And if you lie about your gear, get into the raid and wipe the group repeatedly.. you won't get a second invite anytime soon.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

This just so happens to be a guild raid with people you'd expect to know better.

The raid leader just wants to fill the raid, Zul'Aman in this case - yes I'm trying to start going again.

But in my experience, ZA isn't an instance you want to just take anyone you can get.

Ardent Defender said...

I would say people or to know better. But that is an understatement to say the least. When I hit 70 I ran 5 mans and geared for Kara as a Tank in full solid Blues properly geared for Kara as well as getting myself Kara Attuned. I did all that totally guildless. I knew better.

However im in a guild now as one of 2 guild tanks in a guild of about 60 people with about maybe 12 or so thats usually on from day to day to some degree. Were on our 5th week of Kara having cleared it on or 2nd week, why because with the group on or first 2 weeks everyone from the Tank, Healer, Dps were in solid Blues, crafted Epics, Heroic Badge vendor gear. The runs were more less smooth and fast on all the bosses with that one group. That was our first 2weeks with good geared people for raiding and people that all need lots of various drops from Kara.

As of our 3-5 week the Tanks and OT were still the same but the DPS and Healers changed to people who were very much undergeared. The core DPS/Healer team at times are barely ever on, so now we have people on green fresh from leveling thats jumping right to raiding. Why? Because the guild needs to fill the raid and we barely have 10 or more people on to fill it.

Result as of the change with lots of those undergeared people in the raid. We can barely clear Kara in a week. In fact we can barely get past Curator with the DPS so low and healers who have no sustained healing power for endurance. Our replaced raid members are allot inexperienced and undergeared. What that has caused in endless wipes and total frustration on the tanks me included.

Being prepared to raid does make a lot of difference in gear, experience, consumables and time commitment. It all affect every member of the raid if people are undergeared. In my guild case it has a big impact and its more than obvious. I know for sure I won't stay raiding like that.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...


This idea of "running someone through Kara" like you would Deadmines comes at the expense of burning the better geared players out.

Because you have to ask yourself, how did they get better geared? They've run Karazhan ad naseum! The either don't want to be there at all or they want it to be a 2-3 hour clear max to get it over and done with.

Having to slog through an instance over several days when there is nothing there for you but badges isn't reward enough for people who've been going there on the same character over this past year.

That's why Kara offering so many badges than any place else is more of a punishment to some people than a reward.

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