Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Should I find a barrow den?

I've hit a small wall that has me a bit discouraged.

I got geared up for heroics and Karazhan just as 2.4 was released.

As you can imagine, not many heroics are being run that aren't Magister's Terrace. I can't seem to find a Karazhan group either. Because what Kara group is running without a tank already?

There are several posts about why tanks are hard to find, and I'm now experiencing one of the reasons why.

If you decide to embrace tanking you are nothing without a group. And since groups aren't really going to exist without having a tank, that position is filled.

That leaves me to start my own groups, and I've been pugging for that reason. But the headaches that sometimes come along with pugs are starting to wear on me.

I'm hoping Karazhan will become more popular again as excitement over new instances and the removal of attunements to old instances die down.

I forgot how good I had it with 25-mans. And I don't mean the loot. I mean having a group to do things with that you knew would do something every week. But having to do so much every week was part of the reasons why I left.

I'm not really ready to hibernate, but I'm not finding reasons to log on much.


Craig said...

being a druid and having recently switched from resto to feral I was really surprised by how the tank is looked to as the party leader, regardless of relative experience/gear in the different instances.

If you want to tank you also need the soft skills to rally people and lead them to victory.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...


It made me realize how oblivious I had been (as a healer) to many things in instances, and I always considered myself as pretty aware and observant!

I'm usually handed party lead immediately. Even when I tell someone I'm not familiar at all with pulling through an instance, it is rare that someone else says "I'll mark for you."

Shy to leadership, I didn't like it having to lead people through. I found myself trying to join groups as dps at first to instances I had only healed in before, just to get a better lay of the land. Then the next time I would go as a tank.

As a result I've actually had more fun with the added element of thinking about how whatever group I'm in should approach a pull.

Now I ask for lead. *smile*

Rob Dejournett said...

Hmm, nowadays there are plenty of groups PUGing kara on my server (ghostlands). Typically this occurs monday and tuesday (esp the later). Usually they need healers and thats it, and an occasional tank. Rarely have i seen pleas for dps. I think most people would prefer doing guild runs for 10 man instances, but sometimes you have to pug that 9th or 10th person.

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