Friday, June 19, 2009

A quote

"There’s too much you have to think about in-game: how to farm for more gold, which gears to get next, showing up on time for raid plans, helping other people get keys, finishing quests, farming PvP for higher rank, selling items on auction house, etc.

In a nutshell, WoW is a giant blackhole. It attracted you with fun then turned it into a job."


Anonymous said...

Spoken like someone who has never played EVE Online.

chronic said...

I don't get it; exactly none of that stuff is compulsory.

I don't think the fun/job distinction is enforced by the game mechanics. I'm certainly still having fun :>

I have enjoyed your blog but it's getting a little depressing recently!

Verilazic said...

I do agree that it feels like a job. Really, for me, I quit after I realized that I was treating it like a job - as in I was planning ahead and making too much time for it. I needed a long break. Maybe I'll be back to playing 6 months or so from now, but I donno.

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