Thursday, June 4, 2009

There is always one - is it you?

Not sure if I posted about this before, if I have then it just means it really bugs me.

I raid with this other healer who has yet to go a single raid without mentioning how good he is. I'll call him "Superhealo".

This could easily be ignored if Superhealo hadn't recently started straying into the "other healers suck" territory.

He raids *with* us. If one extra healer doesn't show up we might have a difficult time. And this is what Superhealo doesn't grasp. We are a team. All the time he mentions how great he is comes at the risk of camaraderie. The raid leaders don't seem to get it either, constantly patting him on the back.

I've played with better healers than him, ones with better situational awareness, that didn't need constant puffing up.

Life is short, so I'm working on letting this not bug me so much, but I will admit I sometimes think about skipping raids specifically because of Superhealo.

If any of the other healers feel like me, Superhealo will have to prove what he's said all along "I can heal this by myself."


Ardent Defender said...

There is no "I" in Team.

Raiding is a team effort. Raid performance is all a team effort.

Yeah they ate always some who believe they can do it all. Often the attitude is toxic to others especially for group unity.

Don't sweat it though. Sooner or later people note off more they can chew on.

Aertimus said...

Ugh. Did this guy really say "I could heal this all by myself"? If it were my team, he would be off it. I think the key to a truly successful healing team is for every player to know they are totally irreplaceable (I got into this guild, that means I'm good and they need me) and totally replaceable (Every other healer on this team is good and if I screw up or DC anyone of them on standby can fill in for me and the raid won't miss a beat) at exactly the same time.

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