Monday, June 29, 2009

Too soon?

Is it too soon for me to say I'm done with WoW?

The first time I "quit" WoW I had finally leveled to 60 which was max level at the time. I wasn't familiar with raiding, pvp wasn't really my thing, so I left easily.

There wasn't much thought to it. "I'm bored so I'm quitting". I had spent months in the game, but I didn't have this feeling of leaving behind something I had alot invested in. I didn't play for several months. And when I came back I didn't even come back to my original character. I started from scratch on a new realm.

The second time I "quit" I had spent much more time in WoW. I had more than one max level character, ran several dungeons to death and honestly I don't think I really wanted to quit. I can't remember if I called it a break, but it didn't take me long this time to start it up again.

Now I find myself in the middle. I'm bored but I really don't want to cancel my account.

It's too soon to say I'm done with WoW, but it looks like I'm headed that way.


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