Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Things have definitely slowed down for me in WoW. The biggest thing is work keeping me busy past normal hours and not feeling up to playing for very long.

Also this new guild just doesn't have a lot going on outside of raid time. I can't complain. I'm as much of the problem as anyone. When I log on to raid, I raid. Other times I log on to do things by myself not really desiring to take my Ulduar character to raids in Naxxramas and the like and that's what the few players in this guild do on non-raid days.

I was really excited about Ulduar and I think things would have been better if my guild hadn't melted down. This new guild fills my raid goals satisfyingly, but as I think about it I don't really have as much fun as I could have.

No I'm not looking for greener pastures, I'm tired of guild-hopping and this is coming from someone who has been in the same number of guilds as years I've been playing, that is I don't jump guilds hardly at all.

This new guild has me a little nervous. As far as I can tell the raid leaders aren't doing much of a job to find new recruits - we had to call a raid due to no-shows last week. And when you hear "everyone can recruit" without any semblance of organization about what exactly we need and how we should handle anyone interested makes me wonder how we'll get any "decent" players to fill the roster. Filling a raid is easy, filling it with competent players... yeah.

To be honest, if the raid starts to fall apart I won't really care. I sort of slipping back into raiding and I almost feel like I'll just slip back out again. No-shows don't help the situation. I use to say "I'll never be that type of raider, not showing up when people are depending on me. Now I feel like, that raider has the right idea! Show up when you feel like it, 24 other people be damned!" And that's where I am with the game again. That unnatural feeling to treat WoW like a game and not a job. Unnatural indeed. My desire to play is waning. Maybe its because its summertime and I know I shouldn't let it go to waste.


whatsmymain said...

Really seems to be a general trend in WoW these days. I have to admit that I get some of those feelings as well. If I stuck to one character I think I would be out of the game by now. With as many alts as I have though I usually have some goal to go after and it keeps me busy.

I notice a trend though when one of my characters get to 80 I spend a lot of time running heroics and getting crafted gear. Once my character is set though... I stall out and lose interest. Once my gear is ready for raids the only thing left to do is raid... which when you have 4 80's is nearly impossible to do.

With my shaman being my main raid toon atm everyone else just kinda sits around. I really do want to raid with them but finding the time just isn't happening. So for me I think my time to quit will be after all 10 of my characters are 80.... really isn't too far off...

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