Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sleeping with the enemy

I decided to abandon my other low level character to reroll on my main's server. The plan is to get some twinkage going eventually. Since its cross faction I won't be able to use heirlooms (what a gyp!), but I still should be able to purchase some superior items that will make leveling easier.

I haven't gotten around to transferring items yet, so I just spent time leveling up in the blood elf area again. Starter areas are enjoyable. The quest givers and the quest objectives are never far apart.

Since I've never leveled a blood elf very high my goal is to reach 20 this week and buy a mount. A mount at 20. I'm curious what a difference it will make having a mount so soon. It will be hard to gauge because I've never actually leveled any horde past 20. I'm expecting it might be quite fun.

For a split second I thought about trying to get Loremaster on a horde character like I did alliance. That way I can really say I've covered the bulk of the content before Cataclysm changes it forever. But Loremaster wasn't a walk in the park alliance side, a side I've been playing for years. Not sure I'm up to doing it hordeside. We'll see.


What's my main Again? said...

I don't have any room on my main server for horde toons so instead my baby cow is on an entirely different server. Starting over entirely was really hard at first but I'm determined to earn my own way without outside help from friends I have on that server.

He is 23 atm and sitting at 120 gold. My goal is to be able to buy dual spec at 40. Having an economical goal in addition to seeing all the horde content is keeping me interested in playing him.

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