Monday, August 31, 2009

Make up your mind, whydontcha?!?!

With my CoX cancelled, CO beta over, and I never got into Aion...I find myself wanting.

I fired up, well as slow as it takes to install it, slow-simmered EQ2 again. I tried going back to CoX, so why not try going back to EQ2? I totally missed the blog discussion about starting out in EQ2 made by Wolfshead, Tipa and others back in July. I think I would have enjoyed partaking in it.

The difference in CoX and EQ2 is you are able to reach max level really fast in CoX, but I have no clue how long it would take to level up in EQ2. I have a feeling several months if not years?

I honestly don't care about leveling fast, however I do like leveling around people, even if I don't necessarily interact with them. I like the feeling I'm playing an MMO instead of a single-player. I like leveling fast to get to the place where more people are playing. That's usually end-game. I seriously doubt I'll stick with EQ2 any longer than I did CoX this time around. I'll probably not see many other players.

So against the wishes of some on the EQ2 forum, I joined the highest populated server. I figure if starter areas are in general lonely to begin with after release, why would I want to join an underpopulated server where players are even more scarce?

In the meantime I'm also continuing to play hordeside in WoW and starter area players are scarce in the 11 million player game also. I came across just about the same amount of players - about 3 or 4 tops - running around like I was.

Right now EQ2 is giving me that feeling of progression I enjoy. Now that I've picked a dps class, I started out on a healer, I feel like I'm leveling even faster than WoW. I read somewhere you shouldn't try to level fast in EQ2 because of AA's. But the idea of turning off XP? I just can't get into it. It's something I'd regret later if there was a chance I'd ever hit level 80 or whatever the max cap is in EQ2.

The one thing EQ2 has going for it is I don't really know how fast I should be leveling. In WoW I already wish I had a main to funnel me some gold so I could twink my alt up a bit. I think I'm going to just start over on my main's server and use the neutral AH to get some cash. In EQ2 I have no idea how weak my character is. It feels fine so far, I've only died once or twice and I don't have that nagging feeling that things should be going faster.

I'll probably play EQ2 until the grind disease hits me or Aion or Champions Online is released. Then I'll revel in the newness of those two games until the shiny-ness wears off. Then who knows?


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