Thursday, August 20, 2009

Additional instances cannot be launched

I was visiting Big Bear Butt's blog (I'll call it B4) and was suprised to hear, the "Additional instances cannot be launched" issue is still prevalent.

When I took my break (was it a month ago?) this was happening. I had a group ready to help me finish a partially cleared instance we "humped" (this seems to be the common phrase across servers) the instance entry for at least 30 minutes trying to get in. I joined a group doing a re-visit to Hyjal, we couldn't get in for a while but we finally did. And me and a friend were duoing some 5-mans and couldn't get in. And once I was farming sanguine hibiscus and couldn't get in.

I consider it another nail, not that I need anymroe, if after a month or so, you still can't do older instances. And, according to B4, perhaps that's how its supposed to be, they are herding us to the wrath instances. He even noted he couldn't get in Stockades easily.

I think that's unacceptable. One of the joys, at least for me, was being able to take my relatively decked out main and finish up old stuff I didn't have time or support to do with a group.

Just like B4 I take it as a given to be able to enter an instance anytime I want. I scoff at the people that complain about the weekly server downtime. Because I understand maintenance is necessary. However, when the server *is* up I should be able to partake in the activities Blizzard has set before us. I consider it a basic necessity.


Robert said...

I completely agree. As a raider I spend nearly every night raiding for 3 hrs plus and as a result want to make the most of my 'free' time.

Recently some guildies and I decided it'd be a laugh to create some opposing faction chars and level them through instancing. Bad Idea. We spent over 2 hrs on sunday 'humping' the instance only to finally give up. What the Fuck is going on, seriously. Are we or are we not paying a monthly fee?!

Honestly, its not even that bad if your a raider. Imagine if you're a casual player with a few hours to spare every week. How pissed would you be to have those few hours of leisure time taken away from you? Personally I think I'd unsubscribe.

My big question is, Are they actually doing anything to fix it? We heard for 3.2 that a fix was being incorporated but i've since seen absolutely NO improvement what so ever. I'm wondering if this is because I'm on a medium pop/new (last year) server and we just don't matter as much as those on (for instance) Magtheridon.



Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

It should be a priority.

It's like you pay for a ticket to an amusement park and yes the brand new rollercoaster is your biggest attraction, but that doesn't mean you allow everything else to fall into disrepair.

No one pays for a weekend pass to an amusement park to ride one ride over again.

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