Monday, August 17, 2009

Lifetime subscription - no thanks

Tobold commented about how players are scoffing at the Champions Online lifetime subscription offer.

I remember when Lord of the Rings Online offered a lifetime subscription. I don't remember why I didn't opt in. In the end, I didn't play long enough to cover a lifetime subscription cost.

Tobold says "Once bitten, twice shy" and I think he's correct. I think Warhammer Online had the biggest hype of all the games post WoW and I don't know if I even played longer than a month. Although I shrug it off, especially since I'm not much of a pvper, looking back on what I expected, Warhammer Online was a major let down for me. But since I didn't spend more than a month or so for it, the sting isn't lasting. Imagine if I'd paid a lifetime subscription? I'd probably try to force myself to play it just to get my money's worth. Ewwwwh.

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