Monday, August 24, 2009

Extended raid lockouts

What a great idea.

As I mentioned before I logged back onto WoW for a short period to raid with my guild. They had chosen to extend the raid period for Ulduar and as a result we finally downed another boss because we had the extra time to work on it. Actually I think it was less about having the extra time to work on the boss itself and more about being able to tackle an encounter without being burned out from clearing up to that point since the time was spread out over two weeks. As a result we got a peek and a few attempts at another new boss and that's the part I enjoy about raiding.

But the main reason I think everyone is okay with extending the raid lockout is because we are intermingling it with the newer instance. The first few bosses in Trial of the Crusader are easily downed so people get loot from there even if they missing out on the loot from us not re-clearing most of Ulduar.

This is different from my days doing BWL/AQ40/Old Naxx in a previous guild. We made it to C'thun. But when Naxxramas was released there wasn't enough time to check it out, plus do BWL (which gave arguably better gear/time ratio) and wipe on C'Thun. Had we been able to extend the raid lockout, we could leave C'Thun available and spend extra time working on killing it/him/her without having to devote so much time to clearing what had to be the longest instance ever (portals must have been made with the place in mind!). Instead the only way I managed to kill C'Thun was to go back after we had all outleveled and outgeared it. Oh well I digress.

I wonder if raid lockouts will immediately apply to Icecrown? Keep in mind there are guilds that exist, like Ensidia and Stars that would lose sleep to gain an edge. Even so, I wouldn't care because I feel like extensions are so useful to the majority.


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