Friday, August 28, 2009

It's the principle of the thing

A comment over at Keen and Graev's blog jumped out at me. Not because I don't necessarily disagree or think the commenter is wrong, but because its things like this that cause me to not want to raid.

Background: Keen is wondering whether he should resub to WoW and is worried there is still a grind at each level to get gear to climb up to the next tier of instances.

Here is the comment someone made to Keen:
@Keen If you have heroic loot (which is i200) you can easily farm ToC and other heroics and get upgrades ridiculously quickly…maybe VoA and OBS too because they are so fast.

A fresh 80 in greens can be raiding the highest end content in a week, without a ridiculous grind. I took an ele shaman alt to the T9 coliseum 25 raid a week after dinging 80, and we downed both bosses (only 2 available at the time).

What bugged me? #1 he was on an alt and #2 he was in greens and #3 he was a fresh 80 (hence the greens).

Now he could very well be in a pug or with good friends or whatever situation, but if he showed up to a raid I was in I would want to log.

After reading Greedy Goblin's post on his blog about not needing good gear to raid well, I realize in theory I shouldn't be "elitist". But my problem is too many people like the Keen commenter feel they can show up on a character they don't play much, in bad gear and actually contribute to a raid.

Now to be honest, I would love if this worked all the time. I don't like playing much (i.e. raiding for better gear) anymore. So if I could log on in what I was wearing no matter how weak it was and get to raid that would be great. Everyone wishes they could do that! But in reality, I bet an epic, that if everyone showed up like the shaman in greens they wouldn't have downed the T9 boss. I mean even typing that I realize a T9 boss is going to require more than T4 or it's equivalent gear.

I understand that he means, since most everyone else is in decent gear by now you'd think, Keen will be able to hop in, probably not contribute much, but get to raid.

At a point Blizzard has to make this possible. Because without a gear reset and no way to get gear fast you'd be left out in the cold if you didn't do dungeons in order when the bulk of the players did.

I don't disagree with the commenter, I just refuse to believe he did much more than get carried through the 2 bosses. In other words, I think they probably could have 24-manned it.


Unknown said...

I think he means something a little different: between the new heroic 5-man instance (ilevel 219) and conquest badge grinds/VoA drops, you can pretty much get gear equivalent to tier 8 in a week (if that's all you focused on)

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Yes, I think you're right. In fact I thought about it a little bit after my original post.

But my feelings still stand, even if they are a little less strong after it's been a while for me to mull it over. :)

I'll post why it hit a nerve.

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