Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Opinion or review?

Over at Keen and Graev's Keen gave his opinions on why he won't be playing Champions Online. Since it was negative, several commenters have blasted him for it.

Some of the comments immediately reminded me of why Tobold took a 3-week long hiatus from blogging. Keen seems to be a bit more thick-skinned, unwilling to back down (and he shouldn't ). He's removed some of the troll comments. Let's just hope it doesn't wear him down, because I missed Tobold when he was gone and I'll miss Keen as well if he decides to take a break because of posters more interested in arguing and disrupting things than actually making valid or interesting points. It reminds me of our current town hall meetings but I won't go there.

Keen doesn't like CO. He gave his reasons. If you disagree, why not explain why instead of saying Keen doesn't know what he's talking about. How can you not know whether you individually enjoy something or not?

Some made points that he's made glowing reviews in beta in the past only to change his mind later. He's not the only one there. This leads back to my question why so much hype surrounds games in beta, only to fall so quickly a few months in. You can't fault Keen for being pretty much like the rest of us. And as one commenter said, given how fond Keen usually seems about betas, this should really let you know how bad CO is.

To be honest, the console aspect explained by Tobold is what really has me concerned whether I'll end up liking this game or not. I still want to try it out, if only because its something new. But according to Keen, and a sinking feeling in my gut, I'm just going to be throwing some money out the window. As one commenter said, in this economy no one wants to do that.


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