Monday, August 10, 2009


If you've been reading the past month or so, you know I've been playing CoX (City of Heroes/Villians) instead of WoW. As a result I've been reading CoX forums intead of WoW.

I just had to share a few of the comments/sentiments I've noticed.

One poster lamented about how WoW players were coming to CoX and ruining the "adult, mature" atmosphere of their game. A game, I feel the need to point out, involving dressing up in tights and a cape. When did games become the domain of just adults? I admit I also get tired of the occasional kid-mentality but when I do, I can easily choose to cocoon myself with other adults, by teaming with them, guilding with them, etc. with nary a "pwnz0r" in sight. But this poster seemed to think the entire game should be insulated against kids. I'm sorry but kids make things more unpredictable, and quite often, more fun. And if a kid, immaturity and all, can't play a hero game, why does it exist?

Another poster mentioned that WoWtards are infiltrating CoX. Gotta love stereotyping! I wasn't sure how he knew it was a WoW gamer, but if you can do an instance in WoW you sure as hell can manage in CoX.


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