Saturday, August 22, 2009

CO & ToC

Well I was fortunate to get into a WoW Trial of the Crusader (ToC) raid. I had to look up the name because I haven't been keeping up with raid dungeons anymore. I just showed up and was able to participate - hooray for people being busy at Blizzcon? It wasn't enough to get me itching to play full-time again (funny we talk of a game in working terms) but it was a nice diversion. I got to hear a few guildmates stoked about the Cataclysm expansion. I can see myself playing enough to reach level 85 since leveling through content once is usually fun, but its waaaaaay to soon to tell.

I am checking out the Champions Online (CO) open beta. As many said, it looks horrible at first. But that's the default. You can modify your settings to where it looks pretty good. I removed the comic book outline look and have something I can live with. However one thing I don't think you can get rid of is the clay look. This is the look EQ2 tried to sell so hard back when it was first released. It looked weird then and it looks weird now. The bodies you create work okay as clay, but the faces just don't look right. I guess since you look at your characters backside most of the time, maybe it shouldn't matter so much?


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