Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gold cappers bad for the game?

Sometimes I venture horde side and soon regret it a small bit. Why? Because when I go to the AH many of the items are sold by the same person at relatively ridiculous prices. Not only that the AH lacks other items altogether.

My only guess is the horde on this particular server are smaller in population. But part of it I feel may have to do with these few players monopolizing the market.

I hesitate to post this because its all on "feeling" with no proof. It also ventures into some territory I'd rather not inject into this blog.

I "feel" like a few players are buying everything off the market then slowly parcelling it out to the rest of us well. It's like getting more gold (and having nothing to do with all that gold) for the sole purpose of getting more gold. Does it really help the community for players to flip items on the AH? Are we even supposed to care about the community of a game?

I have a choice - to not buy things off the AH. To do without. But in the end it just makes me not want to spend time horde side. That doesn't seem right.


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