Friday, August 6, 2010

In a good place

I've completed some things I never even dreamed of (Kingslayer, small group tanking), things I usually didn't do (full instance clears during their expansion) and usually didn't have time to (cap multiple alts).

This is due to WoW become even more casual-friendly. Some call it welfare others call it "dumbing down". I call it getting to play the game.

Originally (if places like Molten Core and BWL gave titles) getting a title would be as foreign to me as if raiding was a completely different game like EQ. I would read about it but wouldn't know anything of it first hand. Instead this time around I got to clear places like ICC (on normal) participating instead of being a spectator.

While many have complained about the aoe fest of 5-man groups, it enabled me to tank (not on just one, or two, but three different tanks!) without spending time setting up cc (which I've never enjoyed). I may be one in a sea of millions who is sad to hear about a plan to bring back Magister's Terrace-level cc. I'm hoping the rumors are exaggerated.

And normally the time it took to level up and gear my main character left little time to level up alts. Let alone get them geared beyond one or two epics here and there. This time around I was able to level up several alts (even one from scratch) and actually had fun doing so because of RDF and battlegrounds. Being able to put them all in epics was never expected but doing so was an welcomed surprise. Being able to beef up my characters without joining raiding guilds and having to block out places on my schedule made me feel the game was growing with me, instead of me growing away from it.

Yes, I've completed several things in Wrath and I still have other things I can do. While I'm looking forward to another expansion, I'm in no hurry for Cataclysm to get here.

I'm in a good place.


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