Thursday, August 26, 2010

I don't want to leave in a huff

Looking back on my own experience I left my very first guild by changing servers pvp for carebear. I didn't leave in anger.

I left my first guild on a much more hospitable server so I could raid. Once again not in anger.

I left the one place I felt I'd stay because I quit raiding and friends were elsewhere (they had left in anger).

And then finally I did leave in anger (not boiling anger, more like simmering rage) due to guild leader drama.

None of those times were pleasant for me, I don't take kindly to guild hopping. But I am considering a move. I'm thinking about it now because I don't want things to get bad to where I leave in a huff. I also don't want to instigate something to "force me out".

Things are no where as bad as I make them sound. I just know when someone is unhappy with their current situation they look for reasons (often trivial) to make a change instead of owning up to it.

I remember when after joining us for two weeks a mage left and joined another guild because we weren't doing the progression we advertised. I on the other hand continued to stick it out, mostly because of my schedule, but also because I had hope things would be better. 2-3 months later we've killed one or two new encounters?

I hope I've learned something from the mage. I need to access what I really want and whether my current guild can provide it. I need to figure out if I can be content or if I need to chart an exit strategy.


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