Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Leveling brick wall

I have time now to level another alt, but boy has it become a chore!

YMMV but here was my experience last evening:

When I leveled my paladin back around the beginning of the year, horde had instant pvp queues and we won more battles than we lost. I had a blast leveling my paladin.

Cue August 2010, PvP queues are no longer instant and omg do we suck! I'm at a loss as to why horde in this battlegroup is so bad. We own wintergrasp but that is due to our own realm's organization even to the point we get on vent sometimes. Elsewhere? Enter stage left cross realm fiascoes.

So I try out PvE. My horde character is pure dps so no insta-queue for him. Instead I wait 7-10 minutes for the queue to pop only for someone not to accept. Instead of our group remaining intact, it appears to split us up again (although supposedly we stay at the top of the queue). It forms another full group and pops for the second time. Someone else doesn't accept. We go through this 3 times before finally getting to zone in.

The run goes well, we have the random dungeon buff and I swear it seems like they've nerfed the instances in other ways (less mobs?). I'm appreciative of basically what amounts to a multiple mob grind in a group setting. I guess I'm not truly enjoying the character I'm playing. Or simply I have more fun being the one to lead the charge through dungeons instead of being in the herd.

Truth be told, I'm only pushing to level this specific character because he has enchanting and I want to be able to disenchant my own stuff horde side. While it's an acceptable reason to level its not a fun one.


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