Friday, August 20, 2010

Hot buttons on action bars

Some would say God has a way of doing things but in one day I came across a political reference in two very different blogs. One was WoW related - Big Bear Butt and the other was let's just say as far from gaming as you can think of. What would be the opposite of gaming....hmmm.

Anyway. BBB's was made in the past few days while the other was made a few years ago. The coincidence is that I came across them at the same time. I don't necessarily read BBB's all the time and I only recently came across this other blog.

Whether it was divine intervention or not, it got me to thinking why besides the fact they are hot button issues themselves they provoke responses.

My own take on it is that we forget the internet is impersonal no matter how much we pour into them. We might read blogs weekly, forums daily (or heck tweets minute by minute!) but without being a close friend of a person we don't really know them. We spend months (years) depending on them for advice, laughing at a sense of humor we feel we share, collaborating on mutual interests. And all of a sudden you find out they are horde and you're a staunch alliance!

Well, back in the beginning of WoW the last sentence would pack more punch. :)

What I'm getting at is we share something we are passionate about. (Passionate may be to strong of a word here but play along with me.) So finding out we disagree on something as polarizing as politics have become, comes as a surprise. How could we both love this yet I hate that or they hate that. It's our own fault for choosing to be so at odds with someone not of our own party.

If it gets to the point the blog doesn't speak to you anymore it makes total sense to unsubscribe to the feeder or what have you. But if it is just one post, why not continue to enjoy the blog, maybe with a more discerning eye. Otherwise you're just melting all the kindles because one ebook was bad. (Ugh technology you make my bad analogies worse.)


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