Monday, January 29, 2007

A good problem to have?

I'm sure this is a result of playing so much, but over the course of a weekend, I upgraded my cloak 3 times.

As soon as I put one cloak on my back, I finished another quest and they gave me another - slightly better, but better so I took it.

When I first started questing in Hellfire Peninsula, it seemed like every reward was a cloth robe. I really had a hard time decided which one was better. And for someone indecisive like me, it was a pain! Should I get this one or that one, this one or that one, this one or that one!?!?!

I'm glad there are so many quests and so many rewards.
But being bag-challenged I can't just keep them all. And it just feels weird vendoring something you've only had for a few hours.


Lamthara said...

I'm thinking to lvl up my tailoring skill so i can craft the 20slots bags....

There are things i want to keep just for they served me well and i like their "layout" (the argent dawn staff, the truefaith vestments, the devout set...)

the space starts to lack :/

Cap'n John said...

Fortunately Gold is very easy to come by in the Outlands, and additional Bank slots top out at 25g each. I bought one Bank slot because my next Ranged Weapon upgrade was a bow and I had a full Ammo pouch of Impact Shot. Now I can switch out my Quiver and Ammo Pouch if I switch Ranged weapons. of course I'll soon be lvl 65 and able to use the lvl 65 Rounds/Arrows so those Impact Rounds will probably go to a lower level Guildie.

Anonymous said...

I've been noticing a lot of upper lvl characters running around with new weapons and robes and shoulders sometimes, but no new hats. Where are the new hats? And I want to see a lvl 70 hat with the same model as the Crimson Felt Hat, otherwise, it's never coming off my char.

Those 20-slots are going to be horrendously expensive for probably the next 3 months, too.

Lamthara said...

hats? As soon as i arrived in Outland i finished a quest... and i got a very good hat. Then I killed a mob and i got a better one (changed it)... then another from another quest.... then a mate of mine dropped a nice hat for casters/priests and gave it to me.

Results: 4 changes in a couple of days :/

And i'm just 64....

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