Friday, January 12, 2007

Hurry up with the BC already!

As I mentioned in Life in Azeroth: The Ant and the Grasshopper I didn't really want to spend much time getting prepared (take that Illidan!) for BC. So I'm in the position of not really having to rush around and do anything beforehand.

I've been playing a rogue that I initially made to be a twink but never did. I have no plans on getting this character to 60 so I'm not worried about what mobs I can kill for the highest xp gain. Happily, I'm still finding things in the game I never noticed. I purposely have been going to areas that in the past I skipped for whatever reason. I'm also taking more time to read the quests I'm given and I'm actually keeping grey quests and taking the time to complete them, instead of skipping them because they won't give xp. I've done several quests that I never have done - or maybe I don't remember doing - and generally having a good time.

And yet.....I'm itching for BC.


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