Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How do you level?

In an attempt to enjoy all the content BC has to offer I am trying to complete every quest (within reason) I have before moving on to the next area.

Now of course from the start this may not be a very good plan of action, considering hundreds of other players are vying for the same mobs I am. I'm looking at you Hellfire Peninsula!

Some of my guildmates simply skipped Hellfire altogether and didn't spend much time in Zangarmarsh either, just to get away from the crowds. But I have a tendency not to go back and do old quests if I didn't do them the first time around.

WoW seems to do a good job of having NPCs move you on to the next area when its appropriate. So I usually have a few quests in the next area before I finally finish up the previous one.

Some players just grind on mobs only doing quests if they include the mobs they are grinding on. I did that when I was trying to "powerlevel" an alt. Doubt I'll do that again - its really boring.


Tauhid Chappell said...

I do exactly the same, once i get into a region, i try to get most "soloable" quests possible, turn em in, spend some time askin for group for the harder ones while i just grind a bit, and if no one takes offer, i abandon and move on to a different region;

Also, if its a chain quests and it makes me run from one continent to other, if im too lazy i drop them too..boring, long, and sometimes not worth it

Anonymous said...

I was originally going to do a few new quests, then go to the areas that I know the best (i'm starting over from lvl 1), but after doing some of the new blood elf quests in the Ghostlands, I'm hooked. I'll probably be doing every single quest I can to avoid missing anything. What if one of the new quests has a really cool item at the end of a chain that I would love to have? Plus, it's easier to keep track of quest progression than level progression after a while.

Anonymous said...

I did enough raiding at 60 not to be in any hurry to hit 70, so I'm doing the same. Enjoying the art for the new scenery and mobs, working through the quests, and having fun. At about 10,000 xp, 2+ gold, and some rep with the new factions for each quest, I suspect its more efficient than grinding.

Cap'n John said...

I prefer the grinding/killing quests if I'm doing a lot of soloing, which as a Hunter (even in a fairly well established Guild) I tend to do a lot of anyway. If I want to level fast for some reason and I don't mean power leveling, I just mean I have a goal of gaining a level or two, perhaps in order to be able to equip an item from an Instance, then this is my preferred method of leveling.

I've found that while they're often interesting and provide information regarding Azeroth and its history, culture, people, etc, the Mail Run quests (as I call them) are a waste of time as far as experience/hour goes. That doesn't mean I don't do them, some Mail Run quests are good ways to accrue Reputation. The Missing Diplomat quest from Stormwind is one such quest, being long & convoluted and taking you across both continents, but in the end you're rewarded with a decent amount of both Stormwind AND Alliance Reputation and a pretty nice Blue Ring, if you complete the quest at a reasonable level that is.

In the Outlands I pretty much grabbed every quest and have been working my way through them. Initially I rejected quests that didn't have items as rewards (just gold) but I've since began working through those quests as well and last night dinged 62, although I haven't been playing and leveling as hard as I could. I also cleared a couple of Winterspring quests that were not soloable at 60 but which I was able to complete at 61 wearing Outlands gear.

Keystone said...

I used to AoE grind on my Mage, but I decided to go much slower this time around. Also, the reputation plays a vital role now...

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