Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Someone hit 70 already

In no small feat a little gnome mage named Gawell with the help of his french guild Millenium hit level 70.

Of course there are the badmouthers, saying Blizzard will nerf xp and the normal "no life" jab. But I say if players enjoy pushing the limits of this game - then by all means do so.

Apparently it took a lot of planning - not just I'm going to get a pack of mt. dews and stay up all night.

Still I do want to say "Don't try this at home!" Enjoy leveling at your own pace! Remember all that time you complained there was nothing to do at 70. Well 2 years later now you have it - enjoy it and make it last!


Tauhid Chappell said...

there is no way that gnome has a life. he/she must've used the whole day to level...and more
60-70 wonder how long it too him/her........

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