Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I came here to whine!

Invasions, release day, everyone by now should know the servers (or specific areas on the servers) will be overpopulated.

Yet we still rush to be there, because no one wants to miss it!

I think during the ringing of the very first AQ gong (the opening of the Ahn'Qiraj gates) so many players came from other realms it crashed (or so the story goes) and GMs started removing anyone under a certain level.

I heard how bad the Dark Portal invasion is (aoe tagging of all the mobs for the quest - pvp server bloodbaths) so I didn't bother going.

Hopefully I'll still have time to go see what its all about, preferably once the hub-bub has died down but not to the point I miss the immersion of battle.

One thing I won't do is go there during peak hours then run to the forums or to my blog to complain about lag.

If you already know what a slide show-fest events like this cause - why not embrace them and not whine about it?

Blizzard has no way of stress testing anything to the extent of what happens when things go live. 7 million customers and all that. I know I sound like a fanboy but there it is.

I plan to be there on opening day...watching my log in screen...wondering if I'll make it to the character creation screen...hoping once I get there it won't boot me back out...crossing my fingers that I finally get in...then waiting to move a few inches...not getting anything done...asking everyone is there lag as bad as mine...and in a few months or years looking back and saying "Remember how bad things were on BC release day!?!?"

If things work out better than expected - I'm a winner either way.


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