Monday, April 2, 2007

Helping your guild

Someone mentioned to me how sick they are of no one helping them in our guild.

We were talking about heroics at the time. You have to get revered with a faction in order to obtain a key to run a given heroic (heroic is a dungeon difficulty mode where the mobs and bosses are harder than your regular mode.)

For example, you have to hit revered with Honor Hold before you can purchase the key to enter heroic Hellfire Citadel instances.

I found myself empathizing and not sympathizing. I know exactly how it feels to ask for help and get no answer. I know how it feels to see the guild progress while I lag (hahah pun) behind. But what is the guild supposed to do exactly? Form a run for them each night until they hit revered? There are like 5 of them - not to mention any personal rep goals like Consortium some players may have. And after we do that, what about the next person who levels up, what about the person who levels up a month from now? 2 months from now? Who's job is it to make sure they have a group to hit revered with the Sha'tar?

It would be great if everyone would help one another with whatever is needed, but it is that type of attitude that led me to despise places like UBRS. That type of attitude led me to create alts that no one knew about just so I could play and not be asked to heal a Baron run.

Most of the guild is already like that when it comes to Black Morass, people want to be attuned for Karazhan, yes - but anyone who did it a month or more ago has run it so many times its just not that appealing to run again. When someone mentions it, all you hear are crickets chirping and see tumbleweeds rolling by in guild chat.

Everyone has their own agenda when they play. It helps that the your agenda matches others so that what you do benefits both. And that's what I think is the problem, the so-called "stragglers" are asking other to do things that don't necessarily benefit them so they are reluctant to help. I'm exalted with Shadow Labyrinth, sorry you need Murmur for a shoulder piece, I don't want to go back to that place (I'm not btw this is just an example.)

I don't know what the solution is. I'm not entirely fond of my own stance on the situation but it is one I live by - ask the guild for help, if they help you great, if they don't pug it. But don't sulk about it. Everyone has to get the same amount of rep (except those darn humans!), so its not like you have to do extra work, it will just take you a bit longer.

YANE note: I was reluctant to post this, because I think it comes off sounding selfish. But all the more reason to mention it.


Psyae said...

Glad you did post it.

Too many people are under the severely false impression that guilds are like welfare, and that anyone and everyone in the guild ought to be pampered and hand-held through everything, or, at minimum, to have plenty of guildies sitting around with nothing better to do than to help someone with something they all did ages ago, mostly with pugs.



Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I heard this once and I thought it explained it pretty well:

"Your guild is not a bunch of NPCs waiting to do your bidding once you log on."

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