Tuesday, November 7, 2006

3rd month update

I'm still raiding.
I'm still playing more than I feel I should in general.
I like blogging, but I didn't even realize it adds to the pie slice of WoW takes up of my life.



Cap'n John said...

You're going to get so much traffic over here now that Tobold linked to your Blog in a recent post ;)

I was doing my Blog before WoW so when I began playing I made a deliberate attempt to avoid blogging about WoW, despite it taking up a HUGE percentage of my life outside work. I figure most people read my Blog to read about me and what I've been doing (other than playing WoW) so I try to Blog about real life things.

But you've based your Blog around WoW, so why lay a guilt trip on yourself for blogging about very thing for which you've created your Blog?

Embrace it. This a WoW Blog, so write about WoW. Write about your experiences in the game. You had an awesome AV game last night so write about it. Your Guild took down Ony last night after almost wiping and when the dust had cleared it was just you and your Tank. Ok, so they're both made up examples, but WoW is an awesome game and a lot of fun stuff happens in there, to all of us. So why not blog about it :)

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Sigh...I guess you're right. *smile*

Around the time I started blogging about WoW I felt like I wasn't having as much fun as I used to and the plan was to cut back a bit. It could have just been raid burn-out.

But since then, I've continued to play probably as much as ever and in addition I blog about it when I'm not in-game!

Its like this blog has added a new level of enjoyment to the game for me.

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