Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Raiding for the wrong reasons

One of my guild mates, who became a good friend of mine, decided to take a break from raiding over the weekend. For how long he doesn't know. And just like that, the past two raids I've attended where he wasn't there haven't been very fun.

I've toyed around with cutting back on raiding or quitting altogether for a long time. Healing gets stressful, loot drama occurs. But with my friend there I had a good time. In fact, I think I started this blog saying that in part it was him that kept me playing.

So I wonder, has it been him that kept me raiding?

I've raided several times when he wasn't around (due to work, other engagements), but that was with the understanding he'd be raiding again soon. But now, he may not raid again, maybe not for a few days, weeks, months or ever. And knowing that makes me want to quit raiding. Perhaps I've been raiding for the wrong reason?


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call that a wrong reason. When my guild that I raided with broke up, I didn't really feel like finding some other guild to raid with, because I liked raiding with the people in my guild more than just raiding. So I looked for some other people I would enjoy playing with. Turned out I found some in places other than raids.

What are the right reasons for raiding? Raiding for the sake of raiding? Some people like doing that. Personally, I don't. Sounds like you did it for more social reasons?

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

The social reason wasn't my initial reason. I'm not ashamed to admit I joined a raiding guild to experience raiding and to get phat lewt.

But yes, I guess in the end, I enjoy the social aspect of it.

Perhaps, like you, I'll have to find a new group of non-raiding players someday.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of two better reasons to start raiding than wanting to experience what is a very large portion of WoW content, and to pick up some epic loot. However, those are both desires that can be satisfied after X runs through MC, BWL, etc. After that, I believe the people who don't burn out are either the truely hard core who enjoy raiding for its own sake, or the ones who enjoy the social aspects.

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