Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Avoiding WoW burnout

Someone on the official forums posted 10 ways to avoid WoW burnout - common sense, something rare on the forums.

10. Good Hygiene - Keeping yourself is good shape allows you to interact with others much better and gives you a much better view of yourself as well.

9. Keep a healthy diet - Eating well gives you much more energy and will make your days feel generally better

8. Exercise - Get outside and run! Do somthing that makes you sweat some. Amazingly once you get past the soreness you will feel great after a good workout.

7. Get a job - As well as helping to support your WoW fix, this will be a good way to get out and meet some new people.

6. Schedule time with friends and family - Go hang out with some people, have some fun outside of warcraft.

5. Get another hobby - Try playing a sport or reading a book doing somthing constructive besides on your computer.

4. Meet some people that play WoW in your area - This would be a great way to get away from your desk, have some fun with friends and play with people that you know by name and face.

3. Get a girlfriend/boyfriend - This would be many people's most favorite way of taking a break from WoW. Takning the time away from WoW for your signifigant other is a great use of your time.

2. Prioritize - Dont allow Wow to take priority over family/fiends/job etc. Keeping your prioritys in line and realizing no matter how much fun it is WoW is still a video game.

1. Find a guild that will let you raid to your schedule not theirs - Finding a guild that does not require raid attendance and allows it's members to keep their priorities on RL rather than raiding.


Relmstein said...

Number 1 on the list is very hard to find since guilds tend to be either hardcore and require raiding on their time every night or casual and can barely finish the first two bosses in ZG.

Number 3 can result in the person quiting WoW. Its hard to find a significant other who can stand WoW if they themselves don't play.

Good Luck on starting your blog

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I agree with your point about #1.

The best thing to find is a hardcore guild that lets casual people come every once in a while.

Our guild is kinda like that. But there are always grumblings to see someone who hardly ever raids get a bunch of loot.

It boils down to the way you normally get a bunch of epics is to raid ALOT. And if you raid alot, you don't want someone else who raids once in a blue moon to have what you have.

If that was the case everyone would do it.

Which leads to the Burning Crusade...


Heath said...

Personally, I only pay one month at a time (yeah, it might be a couple more $ than buying 3 months at once). So once my membership expires, I wait 2 weeks before buying another month. That way, I force myself to take a break and it helps with girlfriend relations. :)

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