Friday, November 3, 2006

Leaving instances behind

For the first time, since I joined my raiding guild around the beginning of the year, we didn't have an Onxyia/Molten Core scheduled this week.

I, for one, was relieved! Many of the guildies I started with quit going long ago. But as a healer I still get asked. And no matter how I try not to feel bad about it, I do feel bad saying no. most cases I go. In fact, I can't remember a time I said no. And I wonder why I complain about being burned out.

Funny thing is, someone else put together an impromptu Onyxia raid on one of our "free" days and I went anyway. I didn't really mind, because Onxyia usually only takes 45 minutes and that mostly includes everyone getting there , filling in the missing spots, getting summoned, getting water and buffs.

But since we didn't have our normal raiding guildmates there, we started with fill-ins and not a full raid. We wiped, but came back and downed her on the second try. It ended up taking 2 hours, but still not so bad because I actually had fun killing her with a under-manned, under-geared raid.

The same guildmate that put the Onxyia raid together had plans to do the same with Molten Core. But it was there that I drew the line.

I made a point to let them know ahead of time that while I would love to help them, I really didn't want to go back to Molten Core. Since I have a problem saying no, I made sure I wasn't logged on around that time.

One of my friends, who didn't single me out, said by not scheduling MC, it was like the guild had decided to not help anyone else get there gear.

The problem is our guild goes to Naxxramas, AQ40 and BWL. We've always squeezed in MC every week and if someone was willing, we ran AQ20 and ZG. At first I wanted to, and then when I didn't - I still tried, but I simply could not keep up with all those raids.

I've pretty much quit going to AQ20 and ZG and I tried to skip as many MCs as I could (not many).

I'm already looking forward to skipping BWL, so dropping MC is logical to me.

But I think MC should be dropped for everyone. Why do I say this? Because it is a strain on the geared people who also want to attend the new instances. We continue to show up on our main characters, while people on alts get to play different roles. The last MC I didn't recognize over 1/2 the raid.

I think it is at this point our guild should join another guild in our situation and run an alliance MC. That way people who are knowledgeable of the instance are their to guide it, but are basically there because they still want loot or are on their alts. In other words - they are there because they WANT to be!

I feel like I'm held hostage. As many have said, Molten Core has become Molten Chore, Molten Bore and Molten Snore. At what point do you leave MC behind?


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