Monday, November 6, 2006

The Unblinking Eye

My guild had it first night of real C'Thun attempts.

We had more than 40 people sign up, but still were down 4 people at the time of the start. That's always disheartening, especially on a weeknight. That mean we didn't start on time, and as a result we end up going longer than planned (and an hour longer than I should have stayed).

I guess we had some good attempts in, given that we really weren't prepared. But we didn't manage to make it to the second phase.

I like to call our guild a casual hardcore guild. We raid alot, but most of us don't really put the preparations in that would make it go smoother. Some people spend alot of time on raid kits, but it is not required. Fights like C'Thun and the other bosses we'll face in Naxxramas makes me think this will change.

It should go without saying that I find the idea of hours of farming for raid materials very unappealing.


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