Monday, November 13, 2006

Leveling to 70

I heard that someone has already hit 70 in the Burning Crusade beta. A rogue. Color me surprised.

I guess one thing the Burning Crusade will allow is a new list of firsts. First player to 70. First < insert class here > to 70. First blood elf paladin to 70. First draenei shaman to 70. First pvper to get whatever equates to the old Grand Marshal/High Warlord rank. First guild to finish the highest content...on hard mode.

Considering that I'm not competitive in the least, I won't be the first of anything. Add in the fact that some players are actually scheduling their vacations around the release! Yeah, you can't compete with someone who plays 24-7.

But I do hope to hit 70...someday. I think I'll hit 70 on my main character, a priest, but that may be the only one. I'm betting my priest will be the easiest one to level. She has the best gear of any of my characters. And I recall 50 to 60 flying by her. Parties had trouble finding healers, so they were willing to take me along although I was rather low for whatever instance they wanted me for at the time. And there was ALWAYS someone wanting to run an instance.

I don't know if BC will be the same way. It would be nice to ride the instance train to 70. Balancing it with stop offs at all those solo quests along the way. I wonder how many priests are around? The priest review (1.10 I think) caused a influx of priests (notably dwarves) but I wonder how many stuck around to level to 60, and how many will want to level to 70? I may not be in demand.

Level 62 Priest LFG PST.


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