Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Old School Priest

I came across a thread titled "You know you're an Old School Priest When" on the official forums. I won't bother linking it here because WoW forums links tend to disappear. But I'll try to list many references to old priest abilities I never got a chance to enjoy.

I'm not an "old school" priest. My first character to 60 was another class, and it wasn't until much later (the game had been out for almost a year) that I rerolled a priest and made her my main.

Ah well, looks like I missed out on some good times, but sometimes its best not to have a thing in the first place if its just going to be taken away:

*You were called a pumpkin for wearing the devout set

*You bypassed content with mind soothe

*You were considered extremely overpowered and basically unstoppable in PvP. (beta)

*You could give durability hits to people by MCing them off of cliffs or into a group of guards.

*Crit was actually important to you. (holy crits gave 100% mana regen for 20 seconds)

*You could rez people in combat and from any distance. But then what did druids do??? j/k silly there were no druids!

*You remember climbing mountains with levitate

*You didn't find out about racial spell significance until after you hit 60, because no one knew until then Common thing to ask on the priest forums "Didn't you know how important fear ward would be when you chose your character?" Uhmmm, no.

*you remember being able to use people's spells/abilities with mind control What fun!

*You remember when shield would protect from fall damage Okay I remember this too, and I still find myself trying to do it

*You remember when your shackle could actually shackle undead players (beta) I was so disappointed when I found out this wasn't true, the first time I set foot in WSG on my priest and tried to use it over and over again

*You remember using staff/wand combo's to have awesome dps while leveling. I have no idea what they mean by this

*You remember PW:Sing random people soloing in Westfall And not being able to do so, before forced grouping in WSG, was a pain in the butt

*You remember having a 10k mana pool fully buffed (alliance MC level) I don't know how they achieved this

*Spirit was a godly stat that always ticked (beta)

*Using Levitate to get into all sorts of cool places - above IF anyone?

*Brainwash, anyone? Okay this sounds cool, wonder what it was?

*I remember when I could cast a easily-interrupted channeled spell for 8 seconds, uninterrupted. I dunno either

*You remember when Mind Blast was instant cast. (beta)

*Holy Fire was an actual Fire spell, and you were tempted to collect +fire gear. I've always wondered why it wasn't a fire spell.

*I remember when Shadowform was 20% damage and 20% mitigation :( Wonder if this one's true.

*When you had the only prayer of fort in the core and had to buff all the groups. Okay, some things are best left behind.

*Spirit didn't had the 5sec rules(cry)

*When the best staff for priest was the Argent crusader staff I keep hearing apple on a stick, I think I want one!

*Soft cap at 300 spirit.

*You could eat and drink during battle.!

*Shield was spammable (no weakened soul).

*Dying caused a loss in xp rather than a loss in durability. Goodbye hardcore mmorpg and good riddance!

*The Halo of Trans was really the Orange Turban of Trans. Another thing best left forgotten. I don't like turbans, especially orange ones. Remember this around Christmas time.

*When there was no such thing as mana/5.

*You have a green wand of healing that has more +healing than anything short of an epic.


s4dfish said...

Great posts, I'm just finding your post and have enjoyed what I've read thus far. Keep up the good work!

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Thanks s4dfish! I've come across your blog as well. I really enjoy reading others experiences in WoW.

Prime example, your post today on your blog (11/9). Being in awe of the things is WoW...yes I remember those times and I miss them.

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