Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Priest blogs

I shouldn't be surprised at the number of people who play the priest class and have a blog. I play a priest, so perhaps I gravitate toward them.

Sadly, I found this blog around the time this player seems to be migrating from WoW to EQ2 (Everquest 2).

Looks like she hit 60 the other day, saw what awaited her (raiding) and knew that path was not for her. (It is taking me a bit longer but I'm very slowly coming to the same conclusion for myself.)

Contrast that with this blog. This priest also recently hit 60, but it seems she's looking forward to raiding, as refrenced by her mention of obtaining the Vestments of Prophecy (a priest set that you can only get in Molten Core).

From what I can tell the former seems to have experience with raiding, if not in WoW perhaps some other MMORPG. I wonder if the latter does. I wonder what her experience will be like. Will she enjoy raiding and become hardcore? Will she quickly realize as this other priest did, the raiding path is not for her? It will be interesting to see where she is a month from now.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the former does have raiding experience in WOW. My first toon was a Warlock. I've done all of the raids except Naxx. I ended up leaving a guild that I'd been a member of from AC2 and followed them to WOW. I call BWL the raid that broke our back - caused the war between the hardcore and casuals amongst our guild and started the exiting of members.

I was among the first to decide, all this raiding and all the new rules feels too much like work, in a game that I'm actually playing to have fun on. I wasn't the last. Some left for similar reasons, others over loot drama and still others because even with all the changes and new rules, the guild still wasn't hardcore enough to suit them. *Shrug* So no raiding on this toon. I retired the toon of the name that I've been in every game I've ever played.

EQ2 will provide a nice diversion and change of pace. I'll be on a PVP server for sure. I know I'll come back to see what BC is like - it's already on pre-order. But if EQ2 or Vanguard provide a little more immersion then my days in WOW are probably numbered.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and using it in a commentary on your blog. Good luck in Azeroth ye sister of the healing touch.


Yane (Yet another night elf) said...


I'm glad I found your blog. Thanks for sharing more of your experience with me.

I plan to pay more visits!

Lamthara said...

eh.... good question! Will i survive to the raids or will they destroy my mind? :)

I'm a "relaxed player" which is a good mix between the hardcore behaviour (I like to take the things to the end and when i have a target i try to hit hard no matter the rest) and the casual one (I don't play 24 hours per day, I'm not so much interested to pvp, i "take it easy" so even if i have a target i don't play to get it in 2 seconds... i can wait 2 months too :)... i have a strong real life who allow me to not to think at WoW too much)

Maybe it's a good way i have this style because i don't get stressed from the raids and at the same time i can enjoy the game without making it a time-wasting-job... and maybe it's the best way to play wow... understimating it :)

On the other hand I've been honest with myself. When i started to play as a priest I knew the natural evolution of me was for to be an healer in raids... i have embraced the holy path and now i have to say that i feel confortable :)

...ah! By the way thanks for visiting my blog :)

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