Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Leveling Sweet Spots

Sorry I don't have any "Get to 60 in 3 days" pointers. I don't know of any secret areas that give double xp that no one else knows about.

No, I'm talking about a different kind of sweet spot. Those times where you can get to certain areas fast, pick up a bunch of quests do them quickly and gain several bars easily.

My hunter was getting close to 50 and these three spots helped alot:

*Western Plaguelands - You fly to Chillwind Camp, travel and get a quest to travel an extremely short distance - Sorrow Hill - to kill some skellies and ghouls. I also paid a visit to Felstone (?) Field to get a key, luckily a mage 2 shot the mob I needed, but I'm going to wait a bit yet to go back to that area.

*Blasted Lands - You can fly to Nethergarde, travel a short distance to the Blood Elves and do about 4 hunting quests (and the imperfect draenythst quest too) all in that general area.

*Searing Gorge - You can fly to Thorium Pt, pick up quests right near the gryphon master and do 3-4 hunting quests right below the flight path.

Doing this enabled me to hit 51 painlessly. Hitting a new level always send me to the Auction House (I will not have enough gold to get an epic mount due to impulse shopping habits!) and I found 2 nice bows for sale. I could'nt gauge which was the better, so I did a search for some of the more well known hunters on our realm and asked one for advice. I mentioned my level and he said don't bother with those bows on the AH, instead acquire the AV quest reward bow. A better bow, essentially free?!?!? I'm in!

In a moment of serendipity - I was pleasantly surprised to find out being level 51 allowed me to enter Alterac Valley (pvp). I hadn't really done much pvping on my hunter and it was far from my mind - giving the bad feelings pvp gave me on my priest. Of course my level 51 hunter was no threat to the horde, but I wasn't there to actually pvp anyway.

You can pickup about 5-6 quests outside the entrance and doing several of them, in addition to getting xp for 3 winning tokens took me 1/2 way into 51! Not bad, not bad at all. This is the type of stuff you miss once you're 60.


Cap'n John said...

There is consierable debate over whether or not Bloodseeker or the Icebarbed Spear is the better choice. Many Hunters claim it's lunacy NOT to get the IBS as there's almost no better 2H Hunter weapon out there. There are, you just need to run Instances several times (or luck out) to get them. The Barbarous Blade off King Gordok in Dire Maul is one such weapon that springs to mind. It doesn't have the Stamina buff that IBS does, but the 1% Crit and +60 to AP are statistically better buffs than those from IBS.

Compared to Bloodseeker, the Carapace Spine Crossbow (aka CSX) which drops from Nerub'enkan in Strath is almost as good. I did several Nerub runs with fellow guildies to get my BS Boots, I think they dropped on the 4th run. In all the times I did Strath I never saw the CSX drop but you could luck out. I personally know one Hunter who has one and you will see them around.

Me, personally, I chose the Bloodseeker over the IBS and I never regretted it. My current weapon of choice is the Dwarven Hand Cannon, with Lord Alexander's Battleaxe for when things get up close & personal.

If you're prepared to run LBRS a few times try to talk your group into letting you have the Doomshot arrows that drop in there, then go PvP hunting with Bloodseeker loaded with Doomshot; it's a killer combination ;)

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I haven't done any instances with this hunter. Having a level 60 run me through one part of SM doesn't count.

If I ever decide to do so, I will be that hunter that gives all hunters a bad name. Because I pretty much just send my pet and and start shooting my arrows.

I guess I'm a little leery of running instances due to my own lack of skill and also because I enjoy going solo. My priest is the one who does all the instances, as a result she'll always be better geared while my hunter is resigned to any pieces I can find on the AH, can be crafted or earned through pvp. I think I can be happy with that - we'll see.

I also don't want to fall into that trap of running something ad infinitum for a drop.

According to the hunter I asked, I think he said the Bloodseeker is the best bow I can get before MC. I don't really plan on going to MC, so it made a perfect choice for me.

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